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Coiling Procedure in Hyderabad
Coiling of the Ruptured Acom Aneurysm

A 38 year old female presented with sudden onset headache and CT showed subarachnoid haemorrhage. Angiogram showed saccular aneurysm at Acom location. The aneurysm was occluded by using detachable platinum coils. Post coiling check angio showing complete occlusion of the aneurysm. Patient recovered well from the surgery and doing well.

Coiling For Aneurysms Tratment in Hyderabad
Stent Assisted Coiling of ICA Aneurysm

55 year old female presented with complaints of headache and drooping of left eye lid. MR angiogram showed left ICA – Pcom aneurysm. Because of the wide neck of the aneurysm the aneurysm was treated by coils with stent as scaffolding (stent assisted coiling) to prevent protrusion of the coils into the parent artery. Post procedure there was significant resolution of the symptoms

Embolization Procedure in Hyderabad
Carotico Cavernous Fistulea Coil Embolization

35 year old gentleman had history of road traffic accident and developed massive epistaxis. CT angio revealed carotico cavernous fistula with cavernous blow out into the sphenoid sinus. The fistula was closed by endovascular coiling. Post coiling check angio showing no cavernous sinus opacification

Embolization Procedure for AVM in India
Intracranial AVM Embolization

A 38 year old gentleman presented with giddiness and right facial palsy. CT revealed bleed in the right middle cerebellar peduncle. Vertebral angiogram revealed AVM nidus with arterial feeders from right anterior inferior cerebellar artery. Onyx embolisation of the AVM nidus was done to completely occlude the nidus.

Embolization for Spinal AVM in Hyderabad
Glue Embolization of the Spinal AVM

16 year old girl presented with paraplegia with bladder disturbance. MRI spine revealed venous congestive myelopathy with flow voids. Spinal angiogram revealed perimedullary fistula with venous aneurysms. The fistula was emboli zed with 33% n-butyl cyanoacrylate. Patient started walking with support after 15 days.

DR.SURESH GIRAGANI CONSULTANT INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGIST at Apollo Hospital, has more than Seventeen years of clinical experience in vascular interventions with a special interest in neurovascular and peripheral vascular disease interventional procedures.

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