What is Bi-plane Angiography?

Bi-plane angiography is an imaging technique used to visualize the blood vessels within the body. This technique involves using two X-ray machines positioned at perpendicular angles, allowing for a more comprehensive and precise image of the blood vessels.

Bi-plane angiography is commonly used during catheterization procedures to guide the placement of the catheter and ensure accurate placement. Unlike traditional angiography, which only provides a two-dimensional image, bi-plane angiography provides a three-dimensional understanding of the image that allows doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat abnormalities.

This technology has revolutionized the field of interventional radiology and has greatly improved patient outcomes.


DR.SURESH GIRAGANI CONSULTANT INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGIST at Apollo Hospital, has more than Seventeen years of clinical experience in vascular interventions with a special interest in neurovascular and peripheral vascular disease interventional procedures.

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